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Phone:+34 691672558
Address:Hofweg 33
2631 XD Nootdorp

The Netherlands
TransFollow offers a revolutionary digital solution for your consignment notes. A solution that makes paperwork and unnecessary processing costs belong to the past. Our e-CMR platform drastically simplifies your administration, reduces failure costs, streamlines transport and creates supply chain visibility.

With TransFollow’s digital platform as the international market standard, transport and logistics businesses achieve a structural increase in effectiveness and customer satisfaction. By digitally transferring all relevant information within the logistics chain, we provide a constant and permanent contribution to its predictability.

TransFollow enables a strong and convenient collaboration between sender, carrier and recipient. We connect all actors and provide real-time insight on one central location, which enables the entire chain to look into the consignment note before and during transport. Making it possible to adapt one’s planning wherever and whenever needed, increasing your efficiency.
Consorci ZF Internacional SAU
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