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Obviously not every year will we be SIL’s Guest Community but every year we will be here. For some years now, logistics has become the key piece of Aragon’s economic policy. We are reasonably satisfied with how things are going and the fact that SIL has invited us this year as a Guest Autonomous Community has meant for us a kind of recognition, a kind of support for this effort. Javier Lambán, President - Aragón

We have made a lot of networking at SIL, we have met many potential clients and clients that we know will be with us in the future, clients of us who have come to visit us here, shipping companies with whom we have been able to speak, express our concern and express the concern of the final customer. Alejandra M. Freites, Global Candace - CEO & Founder

SIL is a meeting point, a place where companies, clients, hubs of reference, lobbies, somehow reach an agreement to dictate what is going to happen. It is a networking point, it is a business point. We, the companies that are here, have committed ourselves to this format and have put our trust in it. Fco. Javier Malaver, Business Development - CIL Group

SIL is one of the most important international logistics fairs. Logistics integrates the entire value chain from the moment a car is ordered until it is delivered. We cannot do this integration only internally. We have to create an open innovation ecosystem where other actors, great professionals, and technology companies may enter. That is what we find in this fair, to have this kind of relationship, including small companies with large projects such as startups. There has been a major change at this level of integration. Apart from the product part, at the stand we also have a forum to be able to host one of the great challenges such as Smart logistics so that the startups interested can work with us. This is very interesting for us because we can make this transfer of knowledge and technology and find very innovative projects. Sergio Alcaraz, Director General de Ingeniería y Nuevos Modelos - Nissan

The SIL’s formula for success is based mainly on three concepts: internationalization; knowledge, since we have leading companies showcasing their specific developments together with what will come in the logistics’ immediate future, regardless of the knowledge acquired with the different speakers and, finally, networking. It is an ideal platform to establish contacts with customers, suppliers, suppliers ... For us it is the ideal place year after year to open up to our customers and, ultimately, to our friends. We are very pleased with this year's SIL. Jaime Gener, Director General - Linde Material Handling Ibérica

SIL is key to understand the future of transport and logistics. All the most important professionals are gathered here, and that gives us the opportunity to learn about the novelty, the innovation that the logistics’ world can provide not only nationally but also internationally. Each party makes a significant contribution for us to identify which are the challenges of the future and the potential solutions offered. SIL was a success last year, and it is so this year as well. We see a significant influx, that means that it is growing, particularly in the world of e-Commerce. Massimo Marsili, Director General en Iberia - XPO Logistics

SIL has evolved from a fair such as the ones that we had 20 years ago -where exhibitors came to showcase products that couldn’t be seen otherwise- to a fair where exchanges are made, where people talk about ideas, where forums have a predominant part, as well as the professional exchanges. Beforehand, in this type of fairs, exhibitors had many visits but they lacked quality. Nowadays, there might be fewer visitors interested in the product, but the ones who do come and are interested in it are quality ones. That is a difficult accomplishment and the SIL organization has a lot of merit to have achieved it. Alfonso Valderrama, Director General - Crown Lift Trucks

SIL helps to sensitize and project the image of importance that the logistics sector has in the industrial world. SIL has fulfilled our expectations. We have had a large influx of visitors, from customers who already were working with us, thus we could greet them and talk about the possibility of increasing business with them in other areas where we don’t work together currently, and, above all, new companies who have wanted to come and meet us, importers, exporters, as well as agents. This year, by coinciding with the ALACAT Congress and the AEO International Congress, we have also had the opportunity, very successful, to meet potential foreign agents with whom we can collaborate in the near future. Javier Pagés, Director General - TRANSNATUR

The present SIL edition demonstrates that the exhibition has put itself at the level of the changes that are to come. A very important aspect of SIL is prevention, meaning that SIL figures out what is going to happen in the industry and tries to offer solutions in this great platform, from the exhibitors’ view as well as from the Congress’ one. At this SIL a lot of talk and reflection has been made on the changes that the sector is going through, preparing the companies to get prepared for them. Anwar Zibaoui, Coordinador - Cumbre Mediterránea de Logística y Transporte

Constructors, manufacturers, logistic operators, warehouses… SIL has witnessed trough these 20 years of life all the business opportunities and improvements that innovation, technology, spaces’ management and so on have meant for the logistics industry. SIL is a space where exhibitors as well as visitors may take advantage of all the existing offer to make their logistics more competitive. Francisco Durán, Director de Logística - NISSAN

SIL has contributed to connect suppliers with clients, which is very important, even in this globalized world, because it fosters the growth of the sector. Enric Bosch, Senior EHS Manager - Boehringer Ingelheim

We’ve been participating at SIL for many years and we’re very happy because we’re very well treated and it is a great platform to launch our products, make new friends, partners and to make clients and attend them. SIL gathers a lot of people from Europe and the rest of Spain and, for us, it is the perfect meeting point to present annually our services. This year, there is a lot of participation and many technological companies that have contributed with a lot of added value. Jordi Porta, Director Comercial - TRALDISPORTA

Another good year for the constantly growing SIL. SIL is a reference in Spain, a catalyst for the whole industry and a very important point for the logistic exhibitions in the whole of Europe, as it is one of the most important three. SIL is still a reference and a marker of trends for all the logistic community. Víctor Vilas, Business DM - ANDSOFT

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