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SIL is the most important industry exhibition in the South of Europe. It is the place to value how is the market moving forward and how are the technological innovations that are unstoppable in the logistics field being introduced. Ximo Puig, President - Comunitat Valenciana

For me, SIL is an exhibition of reference in the industry because it is the place to meet for professionals from all sectors and to make logistics become very differential. Miguel Mas, Director de Compras y Logística - VOLKSWAGEN

SIL is one of the best exhibitions in the industry in Europe that has contributed in a very positive way to the growth and the development of the logistic sector in Spain. SIL gathers professionals, academicians, manufacturers, clients… and it is a very important meeting point to share new developments, discuss necessities and see the future and find an answer to what it is to come. SIL fosters the development of the institutions, companies and the industry as a whole. Rafael Prieto, Director Supply Network Operations - MERCK

The present SIL edition demonstrates that the exhibition has put itself at the level of the changes that are to come. A very important aspect of SIL is prevention, meaning that SIL figures out what is going to happen in the industry and tries to offer solutions in this great platform, from the exhibitors’ view as well as from the Congress’ one. At this SIL a lot of talk and reflection has been made on the changes that the sector is going through, preparing the companies to get prepared for them. Anwar Zibaoui, Coordinador - Cumbre Mediterránea de Logística y Transporte

Constructors, manufacturers, logistic operators, warehouses… SIL has witnessed trough these 20 years of life all the business opportunities and improvements that innovation, technology, spaces’ management and so on have meant for the logistics industry. SIL is a space where exhibitors as well as visitors may take advantage of all the existing offer to make their logistics more competitive. Francisco Durán, Director de Logística - NISSAN

During these 20 years, SIL has contributed to foster dialogue by gathering all the logistic players together. SIL has always been a platform that has become an agora for all the Supply Chain industry to meet, without exception. Jordi Espín Vallbona, Secretary General - TRANSPRIME

Transnatur, after being absent for a few years, came back to SIL last year and we have repeated this year because the experience was very positive and satisfying. This year, SIL has counted with more exhibiting companies and visitors than last one, and that has been reflected in more business opportunities. We are satisfied. Javier Pagés, Director General - TRANSNATUR

The SIL’s 20th edition has been very important for us because we have celebrated the ASAPRA Congress and Assembly, that has gathered the customs brokers from different Latin American countries to discuss logistics matters. We’re very satisfied. Alfonso Rojas, Representante permanente en la Organización Mundial de Aduanas - ASAPRA

During these 20 years, we have witnessed how our companies’ capacity has been improving. In the case of SEAT, SIL has been a fantastic opportunity for the industry’s growth and, of course, to see what the others are doing is a way of improving. David Castilla, Supply Chain Digital Strategy Coordinator - SEAT

SIL has contributed to connect suppliers with clients, which is very important, even in this globalized world, because it fosters the growth of the sector. Enric Bosch, Senior EHS Manager - Boehringer Ingelheim

SIL is a great opportunity for us, as partners with our clients, and for them, to find novelties and innovations in the logistics industry that is changing very rapidly because of eCommerce. Massimo Marsili, Director General en Iberia - XPO Logistics

This has been a very important edition for our company, and we have decidedly achieved our goals. One more year, the increase in the number of conferences that take place within the Exhibition together with the participation of first-class speakers of reference in the logistics and intralogistics environment must be highlighted. César Briones, Director General - Viastore Systems

During these 20 years of SIL, we have all learnt and evolved very much. Its contribution has been of high level, approaching all the innovations to our companies. We hope that we can still count with all that SIL is providing us in 20 years’ time. This year, the exhibition has been a success, with the participation of more companies and with many contributions in the fields of services and intralogistics. Pascual Coso, Ejecutivo División Logística - CONSUM

The fact that SIL has existed for 20 years is already a symptom and during all this time it has gone through an evolution from a purely institutional exhibition to an exhibition with a great participation of private companies such as it is nowadays. SIL actually has a different format from the classical ones, as it seeks the interchange of contacts, technologies, and is a reference at the South of Spain. Alfonso Valderrama, Director General - Crown Lift Trucks

I would like to congratulate all the SIL team for having managed to remain standing during these very turbulent 20 years. SIL has achieved to gather the whole supply chain in the same exhibition with the participation of companies of logistics, transport, wheelbarrows, shelves, new technologies, intralogistics and so on… For me, that is a huge success. José Blásquiz, Presidente - ATOX Sistemas de Almacenaje

The SIL’s present edition has been an economy thermometer, there were many more exhibitors and more movement than in previous years. Many very positive experiences may be drawn from this edition, new trends are being introduced and immediate perspectives are being put in common. It’s been a full success Arnald Saura, Transport Manager - Essity

We’ve been participating at SIL for many years and we’re very happy because we’re very well treated and it is a great platform to launch our products, make new friends, partners and to make clients and attend them. SIL gathers a lot of people from Europe and the rest of Spain and, for us, it is the perfect meeting point to present annually our services. This year, there is a lot of participation and many technological companies that have contributed with a lot of added value. Jordi Porta, Director Comercial - TRALDISPORTA

Another good year for the constantly growing SIL. SIL is a reference in Spain, a catalyst for the whole industry and a very important point for the logistic exhibitions in the whole of Europe, as it is one of the most important three. SIL is still a reference and a marker of trends for all the logistic community. Víctor Vilas, Business DM - ANDSOFT

26th - 28th June
Recinto de Montjuic - Plaza España de Fira de Barcelona
Consorci ZF Internacional SAU
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