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I am convinced of what I’m saying because, since 2017, I have been able to verify it: for us, SIL was a huge showcase for the Aragón Logistics Platform. As a public project, it meant a challenge for the government of Aragon: to position ourselves in the logistics field, taking advantage of all our resources, all our true assets in order to offer our project to new investors. Being already in 2022, despite the two hard years of mandatory lockdown, all I can say is that, in the balance of five years of demand from Aragón Logistics Platform, SIL has done a lot in this future and, very importantly, it has enabled us to make contacts, generate alliances and, above all, offer our entire logistics supply to the rest of the sector. We are delighted to return to SIL and Aragón will be here for many years.
Marta Gastón, Consejera de Economía y Empleo - Gobierno de Aragón

SIL is the largest event in Spain for the Supply Chain people to meet: shippers, carriers, software companies such as, for example, 44, which. In the end, it is fine to meet by zoom or teams, but it is not enough. We have to meet in person and SIL, for me, is the best event to do that. People meet, get together and start talking, exchanging experiences, and also finding new collaboration solutions. For me, SIL in Spain is the biggest Supply Chain event.
Mickael Devena, VP South Europe & LATAM - Project 44

SIL is the meeting place par excellence that gathers all professionals in the sector. For Prologis, it is a magnificent opportunity to present the value-added services that we offer to our clients, such as our Marketplace essentials or our parklife philosophy. In short, SIL is projection, it is communication, and it is helping to give much more visibility to one of the main engines of our economy such as the logistics industry.
Cristian Oller, Director General - Prologis

SIL is a meeting point of reference for the entire sector. We really wanted the SIL to be held in person and it is at this meeting point where experiences, visions, the best practical cases, but also business, are exchanged. In the end, the fair would not be complete if there was no capacity for operators and customers to see each other, agree and establish commercial operations that give even more importance to logistics. Logistics is already 14.5% of Catalonia's GDP and we intend for it to be even more.
Damià Calvet, Presidente - Port de Barcelona

SIL is the meeting space for all logistics players. It is an opportunity for, in just three days, to meet, exchange opinions, do business, establish strategies for the coming years and all this, concentrated in a very short period of time and in the same space, is a competitive advantage for the sector.
Josep Maria Cruset, Presidente - Port de Tarragona

SIL has already contributed a lot to our company because we have been awarded the prize for the best SIL startup and that is itself a source of pride: that the sector recognizes our work. It gives us visibility, it gives us a point of contact where we can meet again with these professionals that we had not seen for a long time and, at the same time, see what is developing in the logistics sector and share synergies with collaborators that we can develop in the future.
Cristina Martín, CEO y cofundadora - Usyncro

SIL is a fair of reference and we’ve realized that, after some time without the presence of companies or administrations, it has been taken with enthusiasm because it is also the time for the sector to continue growing, moving forward with this activity that is so important for the whole of Spain where Andalusia can contribute a lot. Hence, this year, for the first time, Andalusia has decided to have its own stand to present the work it is doing, providing new spaces, logistics areas such as the dry port of Antequera, in the heart of Andalusia, which is the backbone of its connection with those ports of interest to the State, with the port of Algeciras as the main reference. We continue to provide all the provinces with logistics areas, solving their planning, their urbanization to also offer it to a sector that is thriving with the aim of contributing to Andalusia being that great logistics platform in the South of Europe.
Marifrán Carazo, Consejera de Fomento, Infraestructuras y Ordenación del Territorio - Junta de Andalucía

We’re a company that’s based in the Middle East, in Dubai in particular. We try to attract companies that use us as a distribution to the region which is the Middle East and North Africa. We’re looking at SIL to be sort of an opportunity to attract visitors to us, to build our network. We think that it is quite an interesting one, specially it’s one of the first events that we’re participating outside post pandemic.
Mohsen Ahmad, CEO Logistics - Ezdubai

I think that it is a unique event where all sectors with, in the end, very similar problems, is concentrated to find different solutions and applications to each sector. It is a unique event for sharing synergies, experiences, and knowledge and it is really interesting for us.
Lorena Gómez, Vicepresidenta y directora general - Strongpoint España

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