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SIL Managing Director
Blanca Sorigué

Institutional Relations Director
Víctor Ros

Assistant General Manager
Rebeca Montesinos

Managing Director’s Cabinet
Rosa Espolet

Managing Director’s Cabinet
Eva Baile

Communication, Press & Digital Marketing Director
Lluís López Yuste

Communication & Press Department
Marieta Cavero

Marketing, Congress & Promotion Director
Gisèle Muñoz Alsina

Sales & Promotion
Mónica Barranco
Sales & Promotion
Nuria Reig
Sales & Promotion
Helena Gutiérrez
Production Department Manager
Mª José Remigio
Administration & Finance Department
Elisenda Montañés
Administration Department
Cristina Machado
Congress & Promotion Area
Silvia Cuenca
Congress & Promotion Area
Marta García
Promotion & Sales
Mª José Rubal
26th - 28th June
Recinto de Montjuic - Plaza España de Fira de Barcelona
Consorci ZF Internacional SAU
Tel.: +34 93 263 81 50
Fax.: +34 93 263 81 28
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