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4.0 Logistics & Industry, an essential connection

The 2018 SIL Barcelona Congress will focus on how manufacturers, supply chains and transport have to face such current issues as the digital transformation, the technological improvements and sustainability. Under the title of “4.0 Logistics & Industry, an essential connection”, its goal is to analyze how these actors have to confront changes in the production processes, to gain efficiency in their chains and integrate them in order to attend in an effective way the nowadays customer habits.

In that sense, the Congress will focus on the technological changes, the chain optimization and efficiency and sustainability as the revolution main points in the supply chain and transport areas. Moreover, the Congress will center as well on each of the most relevant industries: FMCG, pharma, chemical and automotive.

In short, the Congress will analyze and discuss how the supply chain future strategies have to be in order to maximize efficiency and minimize costs as much as possible, putting an emphasis on the technological revolution, sustainability, collaboration, the new transport models, optimization, innovation, excellence and standards and regulations to make chains more agile.

26th - 28th June
Recinto de Montjuic - Plaza España de Fira de Barcelona
Consorci ZF Internacional SAU
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