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04 de febrero de 2019
Logistics: one of the most dynamic sectors in employment creation

The logistics’ sector is offering the best job prospects at present time. According to the latest employment webpage Infojobs’ annual report, carried out together with Esade, the logistics’ sector is among the five ones generating more jobs at present time. Automatization and digitalization in companies, internationalization and the opening of new markets, the expansion of e-commerce together with the development of intermodal logistic platforms are the reasons that explain this trend.

The growth that the industry is deeply experiencing will generate the need to count on professionals with increasingly specialized profiles who are capable of making the most of the information technologies, as well as improving the companies’ efficiency in an increasingly competitive market.

Due to the logistics’ potential in the creation of jobs, in particular in the supply channel sector, a need is arising of new professionals to give an answer to the market needs. This implies the emergence of specialties linked to the activity that are more adjusted to the business demands.

The profiles of the employees are evolving in parallel to the evolution of the industry in total. According to the IMF Corporate Report, the profiles with best job prospects in the industry are related to ‘lean management’ (focused on productivity improvement), intermodality (experts in the combination of several transport systems), directors of e-commerce operations and traffic directors. Technicians in supply-chains are also among the most demanded job profiles, together with stock managers, system analysts or heads of distribution platforms.

Although logistics has become one of the most dynamic sectors in the economy and an important niche in job creation, the companies are finding difficulties to find professionals that are increasingly qualified. As a consequence, many employment offers are not covered at the end of the year.

Talent attraction and retention is one of the main challenges that the logistics’ industry is facing. In this sense, it is necessary to boost in the education system the competencies and qualification that are adequate to respond to the new challenges. In the next years, for the logistics not to lose business and expansion opportunities, it should increase, on the one hand, the education of the least qualified employees so that they are capable of using the new technological tools and, on the other, to contract highly specialized and qualified professionals.

Also, the industry is facing the need to increase its appeal for the professionals and to improve its employment trademark to attract the younger generations. Companies have to boost, in summary, appealing and talent management policies internally as well as externally.




Logistics: one of the most dynamic sectors in employment creation
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