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The SIL to date
18 de febrero de 2020
4.0 Intralogistics

Sustainability and the proper integration of new technologies is fully affecting intralogistics, namely all those processes linked to the receipt, storage and distribution of goods, from the moment they arrive until the moment they leave the company. These processes are part of the value chain of a company, and its optimal management will depend on the good results of the operation and an adequate level of customer service.

Factory technology is increasingly efficient, industrial IT platforms are available in the market, and more and more industrial subcontractors are digitally integrated into their customers' value chains.

An adequate strategy in this area determines the stability and even the losses of an activity or industry. The future of intralogistics, as well as logistics in general, involves an automation process, artificial intelligence or real-time intercommunication. The required logistics environment begins with automated warehouses, where all processes are managed by software and where robots work 24 hours, moving autonomously through the aisles and delivering the products in the right place, at the right time and in the correct quantities.

4.0 intralogistics and the use of digital tools can improve the competitiveness of companies in industries as diverse as automotive, consumer, pharma or fashion. In this last area, one of the most outstanding examples in recent times is that of Mango and its new logistics center in Lliçà d’Amunt. One of the differential facts of this distribution center lies in its versatility since it enables it to adapt to the omnichannel process: orders to own stores and franchises of the offline and online channel and, in addition, prepare e-commerce shipments for the end customer. On the other hand, the new logistics center has around 400 automatisms, which allows, from reception to picking, to be automatic and ensure maximum efficiency. In addition, it is possible to know in which position of the installation each garment is in real time with the system of scanners located throughout the logistics center.

A process for which the company has automated many functions and has managed to optimize the times: an automated system that allows prioritizing and customizing orders allows them to be ready and tidy in three or four hours.

Digitization is also having an impact on energy efficiency and sustainability, two absolutely basic factors to ensure the future and the viability of any company. Innovative technologies are making energy systems more flexible, intelligently interconnecting different sectors and giving way to new market participants. In this sense, there are several energy efficiency solutions that will allow industrial companies to obtain savings and make an important contribution to climate protection in their intralogistic processes.

4.0 Intralogistics
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