Why exhibit?
10 reasons to participate in SIL 2018

  1. Expand your contacts network in three days
  2. Speed up your sales
  3. Generate business opportunities and new customers
  4. Show up the company on the International market
  5. Worldwide launch of innovations, services, products and trends
  6. Enhance the image and visibility of your company
  7. Promote your company internationally
  8. Take part of an international platform of Know How without limits
  9. Contact with the main decision-makers of the logistics market
  10. Access to a global audience
5th - 7th June
Recinto de Montjuic - Plaza España de Fira de Barcelona
Consorci ZF Internacional SAU
Tel.: +34 93 263 81 50
Tel.: +34 93 263 81 28
Email.: sil@elconsorci.es
El SIL2018 is organized by:
El Consorci
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