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Web:www.pionira.be, www.sensolus.com
Phone:+32 476 233 114
Address:Baron de Maerelaan
8380 Zeebrugge

Pionira NV offers Xynaps distinctive and innovative national and international solutions for transport and logistics (e-CMR, e-Waste, e-domestic transport document, POD, ...) aimed at improving productivity and efficiency in logistical administrative processes.

In addition, the platform offers all parties involved (transporter, supplier, competent authorities) real-time access to all documents (pdf) and possibly photos of all goods shipments, including geolocalisatin and timing of all events. This increases the transparency, traceability, and efficiency of transports.

Pionira offers a generic solution for digitally signing documents!

In addition, the Xynaps platform can be linked to existing access control, YMS and timeslot booking systems, as well as to a partner application for Track&Trace via Sensolus, "Asset Tracking Solution".

Wherever you are, you can check where your assets are at a certain point in time. Fully autonomous sensors, that are long,-lasting, up to four years battery-powered. Requiring no cables, will keep you up-to-date about the location and usage of your assets. The energy-efficiency of our application is guaranteed by combining different geolocation technologies like GPS, WiFi, BLE, and network-based geolocation via an LPWAN.

More information about our service: www.pionira.es / www.sensolus.com

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