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STAND: E5101
Teléfono:0 533 2764280
Dirección:19 Mayıs Mahallesi inonu caddesi Kozyatagı is Merkezi No 94
TR-34736 istanbul

Unconditional Customer Complacency
Baynak& Baylogistics; the profesional staff great venicle filo, strong network agences set up all over the europe,represent their customers quality and rapid servis secure on time.
Baynak& Baylogistik;get self prinsiple function for the customers satisfaction with self TIR by distributing, addition and storage set up abroad from door to door with complete service model.
Baynak& Baylogistics; has the ladge storage space by render service to import and export in europe nourth africa countries middle east asya (france şpain portugal germany italy tunis and marocco)giving the best overland transport service.
Baynak& Baylogistics ;is the permanent grow up and develop transportation filo.the middle venicle age is about 1.5 and have traffic right of way all over the europe ,whole venicles euro 6 standarts and have satelite pursuit system during 24 hours online.
Baynak& Baylogistics ; you can make new order on line in internet and also transmit the transportation applications propozal.
Secure.....troublesess.....on time.....
Consorci ZF Internacional SAU
Tel.: +34 93 263 81 50
Email.: sil@zfbarcelona.es
El SIL BARCELONA está organizado por:
El Consorci
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