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Participating companies
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GenieGrips Pty Ltd
Phone:+31 (0) 43 325 5100
Address:5 Kimberly Road
3175 Dandenong South
We understand that safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance, particularly when a forklift is involved. That’s why our tyne specialists have designed a range of safety products to prevent the risk of damage and injury occurring within the workplace. From anti-slip mats that fit onto forklift tynes to prevent accidents, right through to tyne caps that are applied to tyne tips to minimise damage, we provide solutions that are effective, affordable, and innovative.
Furthermore, GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors for forklifts eliminate critical blind spots in the drivers vision and give a clear view of the tynes, reducing accidents, injury and damage to goods.
Consorci ZF Internacional SAU
Tel.: +34 93 263 81 50
Fax.: +34 93 263 81 28
Email.: sil@zfbarcelona.es
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El Consorci
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