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Address:General O'Donnell, 3 1º Izq.
03003 Alicante
We are Omnicomm — the transport telematics experts.
We are a leading developer and manufacturer of complete fleet and fuel management services.
We have been in the business of fuel and fleet management for over twenty years. In that time, we’ve made quite an impact on the industry. Omnicomm products and services are used in 110 countries across 11 different industries. Our products have been installed in over 1 million vehicles worldwide.
Our fleet management solution includes Omnicomm high-precision LLS fuel-level sensors, terminals, displays and fleet management service, Omnicomm Online — all supported by our unique fuel data processing algorithms, which ensure that fuel-level data recordings are completely reliable and return an exceptionally high accuracy of 99.2%.
We work through partners, basic resellers, value-added resellers, as well as international fuel service providers, consulting companies, system integrators and telecom operators with their own IoT SDP platforms.
Omnicomm is 100% channel-oriented, our products are delivered to customers via extensive dealer network working under the umbrella brand. International customers access Omnicomm products via system integration partners. The company is actively working in Europe, Mexico, Brazil, India and Africa. OMNICOMM’s global sales and distribution channels delivering Omnicomm products to more than 110 countries worldwide include over 3,000 partners. Omnicomm has a wide dealer network in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Belarus, as well as channel partners in Eastern Europe (with the most active ones in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, the Baltics, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia), Central America, India and Africa.
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